Africa Week 2017

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Showcase Gala – Review

From my observations that night, the 2018 Africa week showcase gala was the epitome of modern African culture.

Watching the set up, it was clear to see that a lot of hard work had gone into organizing this event. The whole team moved like an efficient machine complementing one another and feeding off each other’s energy. The venue was immaculate considering that throughout the year it resides as an exam hall.

The arrangement and layout was in par with the any prestigious black tie event that could be thrown in this stratosphere. The food was nothing short of extraordinary and with every bite I took I felt closer and closer to being back home in the motherland.

The mood was buoyant albeit mellow, it was evident that this is a tight knit community as I watched everyone welcome each other in their own special way. The band performed a touching piece was a mesh of jazz and gospel and this resonated throughout the arena.

The standard procedure of announcements was conducted and this was married with the awards presented. It was clear to see that UWE, as an entity, was a place where success was not envied but celebrated. As we progressed further into the night the tempo picked up as the joy and passion that.

Africa is known for began to shine through. The winners of the dance competition was undeniably the two children who ran on stage and every pop and lock they produced was matched with upbeat cheers of the audience.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Showcase gala and I would like to thank Dr Emmanuel Adukwu for creating such a wonderful event. I highly recommend this event to anyone who missed it and I will see you once again next year.


Written by Richard Abeere-inga

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