Introduction to Africa Week UK

The birth of the concept, success of past events etc.

Hello and Welcome to Africa Week UK, here are a few things we think you should know.

Africa Week UK was created by Dr Emmanuel Adukwu (pictured below) in 2016. It is a week of African themed events that allows people to discuss Africa in a welcoming and open setting and to provide a different perspective of all things Africa ranging from issues around politics, education, arts and culture, film, talent and many more.

EAdukwu Voice PicFrom the birth of the concept created by Dr Adukwu, every event has been a great success hence the recent anticipation for the next upcoming Africa Week UK events. Africa Week UK has gained international attention after only being established two years ago. This type of event is clearly needed at a time like now where a new narrative is needed for a developing Africa and the importance of diversity and inclusivity is widely acknowledged in the UK and globally, this is a phenomenon that we hope to change, one event at a time. Join us as we bring Africa to you.

In previous Africa Week programmes, we had a week full of activities, educational workshops and discussions, art, performances, networking, food, fun and much more festivities. Each year we aim to bring more to the event and by more we mean bigger and better. This year’s Africa Week is not something anyone would want to miss. This programme is for everyone from all backgrounds, as it is an opportunity to educate, mutually teach one another and create an environment of inclusivity, diversity and positivity which is an area that many would agree is very lacking right now.