African Economy and Narrative

Long gone are the days when Africa’s imagery to the world was merely mud huts and starving children. Africa is now a prominent part of the world economy which includes oil exports from Nigeria, Gold from Ghana, Diamonds from Sierra Leone and many more commodities.  Aside from the commodity trading Africa is also home to some wonderful innovators who are impacting the economy tremendously and we have some of them with us today.

First Opeoluwa Runsewe, the founder and managing director of Mobile Coldroom, the first online frozen food vendor is opening up roots for foreign direct investment in Africa. Aside from his business he also provides resources for small to medium enterprises holding the mantra that hope for Africa’s future is in creating shared value.  

Also the Wonderful Nana Churcher who’s fantastic TV show is motivating one viewer at a time. Her inspiring backstory shows us that you can succeed if you work hard enough. Looking up to Oprah Winfrey she always wanted to have her own Talk show and with resolute and determination she has a prime time show which is aired across the globe. The talk show is highlighting the beauty of Africa and showing the world what a wonderful nation we are.

In summary every little thing we do has a tremendous effect universally. So through unity we have the ability to change Africa’s narrative.


Written by Richard Abeere-inga


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