Africa Week 2018 – Flash Mob

Africa Week UK is now in it’s third year of success, with such success comes high expectations which we aim to exceed. This year we have the Africa Week UK dancers back for another year with special performances for our big showcase on Friday 16th March 2018. In preparation of this prestigious event we went into Bristol city center and performed multiple choreographed dance performances to give the public a small insight into what Africa Week is all about and what message we are trying to send. These performances in the form of a flash mob sheds a different light on Africans in comparison to average media coverage in Africa. We are showing that Africa is united, in that unity greatness is created and out of that creation comes a new Africa.

A new narrative.

Our narrative.

Welcome to Africa Week UK 2018, we hope you enjoy the journey as we bring Africa to you.

Written by Abisola Oluwasola

Africa Week Presents one of the best flash mobs Bristol has seen to date. Hitting you with some culture, we continue to take ownership of the narrative and flourish. Africa Week 2018 will start on March 12th with Sports, Arts, Education, Health, and a Showcase Gala.

Monday 12th Event:…

Tuesday 13th Event:…

Wednesday 14th Event:…

Thursday 14th Event:…

Friday 16th event:…

Song Credit: Patoranking Available


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