African Culture – Black Panther

Africa is the home of creativity, from music, to art and film, creative expression is deep rooted in African culture. Contemporary forms of popular entertainment can all be considered to have taken inspiration or influence from from rich and diverse traditions from the nations of Africa.

Of recent film industry has been shaken with the record breaking release of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’. This movie is important as it displayed the beauty of mother Africa, culture, attire even attempts at capturing the various accents of the land.  This film can be explained to display and celebrate the beauty and significance of Africa culture. The release of the movie has been transformed into an event and celebration of African culture with audiences arriving at their local cinema’s, dressed in traditional African garments. Personally I have never seen what I could almost describe as ‘Africa’ in my local showcase cinema. Around 30 of us UWE students were able to get together and enjoy the movie as a collective.


Many reviews have explained the film to be revolutionary displaying the importance of black Hollywood and how vital it is especially for black children to have established black superhero, role models of African descent. Director of the film Ryan Coogler and the rest of the production team, made it clear that audiences would be watching a black superhero who takes the center-stage spotlight accompanied by a star studded cast to support the Afrocentric underlying messages the film delivers.

After watching the film Kendrick Lamar was inspired to take the role of being curator of the official soundtrack for the film. The soundtrack incorporates themes and messages from the film with popular culture, this combination has led to a audibly pleasing studio album inspired by the celebration of African culture. The soundtrack provides an impressive blend of hip-hop and R&B even featuring the immersive voice of South African vocalist Sjava singing in Zulu.


Written by Jonathan Adams


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